Energy Generation & Conservation

Systems and Solutions custom designed with energy in mind.

Solar Panels - Storage Systems - Energy Conservation & Monitoring - EV Charging - Power Factor Correction

Reduce your carbon footprint, lead your industry sector, lower your cost of energy and stay ahead of your competitors.

Speak to our energy solutions team and they will advise how you can meet your sustainability goals while increasing energy efficiency and benefiting your business bottom line. 

Call us on 1800 227 652 for your obligation free consultation, and we will provide:

  1. Analysis of your electricity consumption
  2. Power Factor Correction solution profile (if applicable)
  3. Feasibility v. cost report
  4. Flexible Payment Options to suit your requirements

Allow us to assist your business to become environmentally friendly, energy efficient and a leader in your industry.

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Hillcrest - Cerebral Palsy League 60kW

The Glades Apartments 15kW

2 x 30 kilowatt systems