Power Factor Correction

Don’t know your kvars from your kilowatts!

If your Power Factor is poor it will cost you money!

As of the 1st July 2015, Energex have changed the way large customers are billed for their demand charges. Rather than the historical kW demand they have moved to kVA demand to reflect the true impact a business has on the electrical network.

To assist large customers to reduce the impact of their operations on the electrical network, Energex are offering financial incentives for businesses to better manage power factor inefficiencies.


Am I a Large Customer?

Typically in Queensland, a large customer has annual electricity consumption greater than 100MWh (megawatt hours)

What is Power Factor?

Power factor is a measure between 0 and 1, it may be a decimal point (eg 0.81) or percentage (eg 81%) of how effective the incoming supply of electricity is actually consumed by the equipment in your building.

A Low Power Factor – you’re paying for wasted electricity.

A High power factor of greater than 95% – very little waste, you’re essentially paying only for the electricity you use.

If your power factor is low you need Power Factor Correction!

Why Power Factor Correction?

Power Factor Correction essentially eliminates the wasted energy that is read by your kVA meter reducing your cost of electricity.

How can I determine if my Power Factor is costing me?

Supply us with your most recent electricity bills and permission to source information from your electricity retailer and a CB Energy technician will perform a free desktop assessment.

How can I fix my poor Power Factor?

CB Energy will develop an ERS or ‘Energy Reduction Strategy', detailing the most suitable solution. 

The ERS will provide you with the technical and financial information you need to make an informed decision, with details on how to proceed.

Our team will help you to access any Energex Incentive that is currently available.

If you accept the findings of the ERS we install State of the Art Power Conditioning equipment manufactured the USA called PowerwoRx optimising your savings potential.

The PowerwoRx range is maintenance free and comes with a 10 year full replacement warranty.

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