Energy Monitoring

Energy Monitoring

Electricity consumption is difficult to control unless you know what is within your control! 

Ask yourself the following questions, 

When I installed those LED lights, how much energy did I save? 

If I run the air conditioner at 21 degrees, how much power did I use? What about at 24 degrees?  

Will switching on all my manufacturing equipment at the same time increase my maximum demand? 

Do I currently have the tools to work it out? 

By installing appropriate monitoring equipment these and many more questions can be answered with a laptop, tablet, or a mobile phone giving you the information you need in real time, at your fingertips to make informed management decisions.

Why?..... because monitoring and measuring your electricity consumption at the meter box is the only truly effective way of managing how much electricity your building uses or whether your conservation initiatives are working as designed.


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If you are in business then you need to manage your electricity cost; measuring it in real time is the only effective way to do it!