Beat the NEG.. Beat the NEG .. Beat the NEG

Considering a Commercial Solar Panel System over 100kW? Beat the NEG!

Based on our understanding of the current limited information available from the Federal Government regarding the National Energy Guarantee (NEG) it is looking likely that the incentives for new solar systems greater than 100kW will cease to exist by 2020 as any system installed after that date will not be eligible to create Large Generation Certificates (LGC’s) and will lead to a significant increase in the overall cost of a commercial, industrial or utility scale system over the medium term.

As usually happens in the solar industry every time we have a regulation imposed deadline to meet, the industry goes crazy and will be working hard to install larger systems leading to a shortage of both suitable labour and materials resulting in higher prices, longer lead times and much longer network connection application times all of which will be a major financial risk for customers leaving their decision to invest in commercial solar to the last minute.

So, to all the customers currently sitting on the fence, now is the time to act! If you are classed as a large electricity customer or you think you might use enough electricity to warrant a solar panel system greater than 100kW then please contact us as soon as possible to maximise your opportunity to benefit from the current Government Incentives, and remember the bigger the system the longer the lead time, 2020 is coming on fast.

What we at CB Energy recommend you do is:

1. Sign up now for an assessment of your current electricity usage and let us determine the best system for your needs. We look at more than just your electricity bill.
2. Work with us on the many options available to pay for your system, now or over time. Solar Lease or Finance Options are available out to Ten year terms.
3. Accept the CB Energy proposal most suited to your needs and sit back, relax, and enjoy your peace of mind in knowing you’ve made the right decision.

On acceptance a Network Connection Application will be submitted on your behalf to partially lock in your rights to generate LGC’s so you can beat the NEG….beat the NEG….beat the NEG.

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