Electrical Safety Observer


CB Energy staff are trained to act as safety observers for work activities in and around underground and overhead electrical services, padmount transformers, switch rooms and substations. 

Should you need an Energex Authorised Person to act as a safety observer or spotter contact the office on (07) 5552 5222 or email cb@cb.com.au

Have you applied to Energex for Safety Advice?  If you are working near Energex assets or within an electrical exclusion zone then work must not commence without Energex approval! 

Apply for an Energex Safety Advice approval by clicking here;  Energex Safety advice online form

Got your approval?  Just send us a copy and some more details about the job to cb@cb.com.au and with as little as a couple of hours notice depending on your requirements we will send a Safety Observer to site.   

Unsure what you need, or you would like some advice, then call us on 07 5552 5222.

Generally 24 hours notice is required for excavation or overhead works.  All other services will be on a first come first serve basis and dependant on workload and availability of appropriately trained staff.  

Trained and Authorised Electrical Safety Observers are available for the following works:

Working within Energex exclusion zones 

Digging around underground electrical infrastructure

Working in the vicinity of overhead powerlines

Accessing padmount transformers

Accessing or working in switch rooms

Accessing or working within Substations